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Privacy Policy


As a professional therapist I will always seek to adopt the highest level of professional standards in my work and having attained the appropriate qualifications, I will  actively seek to update my knowledge and improve my professional skills in order to maintain a quality standard of service. I willingly accept responsibility and accountability for my professional decisions or actions and welcome evaluation of my work, recognising the need when appropriate, to refer to another professional specialist. I will confine myself to practice only those activities for which my training and competence is recognised and I will never misrepresent my training or experience, either through any dealing with the public or the industry.

I will be open and transparent with my clients and will at all times, adopt the highest degree of professionalism when dealing with my clients’ needs. I will maintain a standard of professional conduct appropriate to all client groups displaying:

respect for individual difference and diversity; good practice in challenging discrimination and unfairness and, discretion in dealing with confidential client disclosure. I will seek to nurture healthy relationships with my clients and other professionals, developing and maintaining those relationships based on openness, honesty, mutual trust and respect. When planning an appropriate treatment, I will place my client’s needs as a priority, promoting their welfare and best interests first. I will provide clarity in all forms of communication with my clients and professional colleagues, ensuring honesty, accuracy and co-operation when seeking agreements and avoiding misrepresentation or any conflict of interest.

I will conduct proper personal and business behaviour at all times, having an understanding of my legal responsibilities and accountability when dealing with the public as well as an awareness of the need for honesty and accuracy in substantiating my claims of authenticity, when promoting my services in the public domain. I will be aware of my working environment, being able to deal with all reasonably foreseeable accidents and emergencies and to protect myself, (my colleagues) and clients.  I will always hold adequate liability insurance.

All client records shall be comprehensive and include dates, a description of the treatment and any advice or recommendations given. They will be relevant, factual and accurate, avoiding opinion or hearsay. They will be kept confidential and protected from unauthorised disclosure, complying with the all aspects of the Data Protection Act.  As paper records, they will be kept in safe custody for seven years from the time of the last consultation/treatment. After seven years they will be disposed of securely such as by shredding or burning.