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Health Matters

Stop Sugar Cravings

In today’s 21st-century sugar-rich diet, over a third of the calories we consume comes from highly refined sugar (fizzy drinks, breakfast cereals) or white flour (pastries, cakes) which acts just like sugar in our system. Glucose – which comes either directly from carbohydrate-containing foods...

Sugar Rush


For people with persisting health problems, obstacles such as pain, fatigue, debilitating symptoms and limited mobility can be very real setbacks to a regular exercise routine… While it may seem counter-intuitive to exercise when you’re bedridden, housebound or struggling to maintain a ‘normal’ life,...

Exercise: Pain or Pleasure?


Sleep might seem like the ultimate passive activity but it’s a remarkably productive and critical part of our lives helping both the brain and the body rejuvenate. During sleep our bodies perform a variety of critical maintenance checks, re-hydrating discs, releasing growth hormones for...