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In this section I’d like to promote a variety of  local people whose products or services supports the health and well-being of others…


Love Yoga – Stephanie Mitchell Stephanie brings her wealth of experience to all ages and settings, offering classes for children and adults, in the community and schools. Her weekly Gentle Chair Yoga, held in Great Sutton every Tuesday (and Little Sutton every Monday)  is extremely popular as are her mat classes held in Little Sutton and Hooton. She works with special needs and offers private one-to-one tuition.





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Helen Nicholas, Personal Trainer A fully qualified Personal Trainer with specific qualifications in GP Referral, Nutrition, PT Outdoors, Circuits and Group Indoor Cycling, Helen is passionate about sharing the benefits of being fit and eating healthily. Understanding that making time for a work out may be limited for many of us, Helen offers a completely flexible service that fits in and around her client’s lifestyle. Consequently, her bespoke fitness programmes along with her regular assessments and nutritional analysis are extremely popular.





West Cheshire Fybromyalgia Support Group The Little Sutton arm of this group is run and hosted by the lovely Ruth Spicer – the group meet once a month, on a Friday, at the the Little Sutton Community Centre, to discuss and review what it means to suffer from this chronic condition, ways and means of how the condition might be managed including therapies such as EFT, massage, yoga and nutrition. Sessions include guest speakers talking on a variety of subjects, mini massage treatments and a healhty dose of community spirit.






Magnetism is everywhere and is inextricably linked to life. The force of the earth’s magnetic field does not just move compass needles, it also plays a major role in our health and is crucial to our survival. The knowledge of the power of magnets has been well documented throughout the ages having been used by the Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks and even doctors in the middle ages but it wasn’t until 1961 however, when a manned space flight demonstrated just how dependent we are on magnetic radiation; astronauts returning to earth suffered from a variety of health problems – fatigue, an inability to concentrate, disturbed sleep – a series of tests revealed that the astronauts were suffereing from energy exhaustion, attributed in the main to the absence of the earth’s magnetic field in space. Magnetic fields work on the body as a whole and an artificially generated magnetic field can influence the body just as powerfully as the earth’s natural field. It works by stimulating the blood flow, allowing the blood to deliver more oxygen to the cells, providing a ‘revitalizing boost’ to the body’s overall well-being and its performance whilst at the same time promoting natural self-healing.

Magnetix jewellery for wellness, combines exclusive stylish design with the beneficial healing power of magnets. Available in sporty, classical or elegant styles, they’re ideal for yourself and make wonderful gifts for your friends and family. Feel free to contact me for more general information, a full brochure or if you know anyone who would be interested in hosting a Magnetix Jewellery Party.