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About Me

Holistic Therapist and Well-Being Coach

“Check out the well- being posts on this website for advice, information and insights to help you to make your own healthy life-style choices…” 


“Your body is the only place you have to live. You only get one of them and they are temporary. Be kind to it, nourish it, move it, say nice things to it and love it. “

As part of my quest to help everyone age positively, I offer a ‘wholistic’ approach to health, helping people find new or different ways to improve and extend their health-spans; inspired to eat better, move better, sleep better and generally live better, conscious of the miracle that their body truly is.

Alongside advice and coaching I offer a selection of massage and complementary treatments including Reiki, Crystal healing, Aura cleansing and Chakra balancing. Enjoyed as a regular part of anyone’s health and well-being plan, these treatments are guaranteed to reap you many rewards.

If you would like to learn more or meet up for a one-to-one consultation please feel free to contact me directly. I look forward to meeting you.





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A Little Bit More About Me

Ageing With Grace

Having always been “fit and healthy”, i.e. a total yoga addict, able to eat what I want and not gain extra pounds, it came as a Big Shock to discover that my post-pregnancy body – which just happened to coincide with my fourth decade – was not adhering to its former ways and was in fact behaving in ways completely alien to me; I was gaining more and more weight and finding it much harder to make the time to hit the yoga mat. What’s more I had a bunch of valid excuses that prevented me from doing anything serious to change the situation, including a young child, expectant partner and a stressful job.

In my mid forties – having dispatched the expectant partner and stressful job and recognising that I was now the leading health and well-being role model for my young daughter – I made some significant lifestyle changes (diet, exercise, sleep and relaxation) with the aim of becoming fitter and healthier as I proceed– with grace – into my later years.

Along the way I’ve encountered the menopause, fibromyalgia and the magic of gratitude and I’ve made some significant improvements to my health. It is my mission to enable as many people as I can make holistically-informed decisions regarding their own health and well-being so that they too can ‘age with grace’.