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Holistic Therapist and Well-Being Coach

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As part of my quest to age with grace, I have trained in massage therapy and am currently concluding my studies in anti-ageing and health and well-being coaching so that I can offer a ‘wholistic’ approach to help other women make informed decisions that will extend and improve their health-spans as well as their life-spans.

Alongside advice and coaching I offer a selection of massage treatments the benefits of which have been proven time and again; enjoyed as a regular part of anyone’s health and well-being plan they are guaranteed to reap you many rewards.

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A Little Bit More About Me

Ageing With Grace

Having always been “fit and healthy”, i.e. a total yoga addict, able to eat what I want and not gain extra pounds, it came as a Big Shock to discover that my post-pregnancy body – which just happened to coincide with my fourth decade – was not adhering to its former ways and was in fact behaving in ways completely alien to me; I was gaining more and more weight and finding it much harder to make the time to hit the yoga mat. What’s more I had a bunch of valid excuses that prevented me from doing anything serious to change the situation, including a young child, expectant partner and a stressful job.

It was only in my later forties – having dispatched the expectant partner and stressful job and recognising that I was now the leading health and well-being role model for my young daughter – I realised I had a profound choice to make; I could either carry on as I was or make a change to my lifestyle with the aim of being fitter and healthier in my fifties than I was ever going to be in my forties.

I had enough sense to know that this wasn’t going to happen overnight but by making some positive changes towards what I eat and how I exercise with other holistic elements coming into play at various times along the way, I am now closer to that goal than I have ever been.

It is my aim to enable as many women as a I can to make similar and informed decisions regarding their own health and well-being so that they too can ‘age with grace’.