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Spring into Action

Spring into Action

Now that the freezing temperatures and harsh winds of winter are on their way out to be replaced by the warmer springtime temperatures it means you can emerge from your annual winter hibernation and start to spend more time outside – good news for your health.

Surprisingly, for so many people, spending time in nature is the exception rather than the rule but just 30 minutes (or more) spent taking a walk in nature, enjoying the warm, sunny spring weather will slow your heart rate and decrease your tension whilst increasing your energy levels and improving your mood at the same time.

Spring Blossom

To enjoy the miracle of spring blooms take a walk in the countryside either as the sun comes up and starts to warm the air or last thing in the evening as the sun begins to go down. After months spent conserving energy, nature springs back to life presenting you with swathes of snowdrops, bluebells even pungent pockets of wild garlic to delight each of your senses. According to research seeing flowers has both ‘immediate and long-term effects’ that result in elevated moods for days afterwards.

Though it may not be feasible to traipse through the woods or stroll along a beach every day, a lunchtime walk in your local park will do just as fine. Feeling the earth beneath your feet and the wind in your face, smelling fresh flowers and listening to the birds chirping will nurture your mind, body and soul.

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