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Top Tips to Help Your Partner Look His Handsome-best

Top Tips to Help Your Partner Look His Handsome-best

With a host of products, articles and even YouTube videos to help, the modern man now has no excuse not to look his handsome-best when venturing out into the public eye. In case your man’s not fully up to par with the latest male grooming tips and tricks, here’s a few you can pass on to help him achieve his best look…

  • Get a good barber, if he doesn’t have one, tell him to get one right away. If all else fails, at least he’ll have a good haircut.
  • Good skin care can help correct problems like acne, reduce the effects of ageing and give skin a healthy, handsome glow:

Wash the face correctly. Regular body soap will clog up the smaller pores on his face and strip the skin of its natural oils. Tell him to look for a non-comedogenic product which will have been specially formulated to suit the skin on his face.

Invest in an exfoliating scrub to buff away dead skin cells on the surface of the skin: it will help reduce blemishes and visible signs of ageing as well as shaving irritation – if he has a beard of significant length he should avoid scrubs as he’ll only end up spending the rest of the day picking bits out of it.

A good toner helps dissolve dead skin cells, cleanse the skin of excess oil and balance its moisture levels. It also helps to prevent or calm irritation. It should be used post-shave to soothe the skin and prevent ingrown hairs and before moisturizing.

Moisturizing helps to form an extra line of defence against environmental toxins and grime whilst providing nourishment and hydration, at the same time preventing dryness and delaying the signs of ageing.

Have a facial at least once a quarter – it helps to reboot the skin after too many late and boozy nights, colds, allergies and too much sun.

  • If your man is currently ‘bearding’ he should be mindful of keeping it well groomed but if he’s opted for the clean-shaven look then a single blade safety razor is the way to go – five blades will not only swipe away the hair but also the natural oils that his skin needs to avoid nicks and irritation.
  • Bad eyebrows can make your man the brunt of behind-the-back jokes. As a general rule of thumb, if he can comb his eyebrow hairs up and the length exceeds the line of his brow dramatically, he probably needs a little trim (but not with the trimmers he would use for his beard). For the best and most natural results tweezing is the way to go. Book him in for a professional tweeze which can then be managed at home.
  • Hands should be kept clean and neat – use a nail brush to remove gunk from under and around the nails, clip nails and moisturise every so often. Likewise keep toenails clipped and clean and rub a pumice stone over the heels now and again.

What ‘beauty’ regime does your man follow – or doesn’t he bother and if he doesn’t, does that bother you?

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