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Beauty and the Bride-to-be

Beauty and the Bride-to-be

As a bride and the centre-piece of your very own special day, you’ll want to look and feel your best as you sail majestically down the aisle – all eyes upon you – to meet your soon-to-be husband. Part of the wedding preparations should include your very own health and beauty plan and I hope that in this, the first of two installments, you’ll find a host of helpful tips to prepare you for the big day…

Diet and Exercise – It’s All About Commitment
Why not commit to a well-being programme that will have become so much a part of your lifestyle by the wedding, that it will remain long after. Personal Trainers, like  Helen Nicholas can help you set and achieve targets, based on real time factors that will stand you in good stead way passed the wedding, honeymoon and even first anniversary. As part of Helen’s service she also provides valuable nutritional advice to complement your physcial programme.

Body Beautiful
Body brushing – stimulates the lymphatic system (helping your body rid itself of toxins and water retention), it exfoliates the surface of the skin and helps prevent ingrown hairs! Use a firm natural bristle brush once a day, first thing in the morning before having a shower.

Body waxing – should be done at least three days prior to your wedding and earlier if you’ve never had it done before, or if your skin is very sensitive. Your first waxing may leave you with some bruising, redness or swelling, whilst by the next waxing, closer to the day,  you’ll know exactly how long any discomfort or redness will last, so you can plan it in accordingly. Have any facial waxing done a week to 10 days before the wedding, providing enough time for any redness or irritation to settle down.

To fake tan or not? If you’re a seasoned fake tanner, go for it but don’t apply any for at least two weeks prior to the wedding, to avoid product build-up and remember, white dresses reflect light, so what you thought was a little colour could look a lot darker in photographs. If you’re new to tanning, opt for a gentle glow, rather than a full-on tan – test products that have been highly rated and recommended by others, a few months prior to the wedding and keep your body exfoiliated for optimum results. If in doubt, ask a professional, they’ll have insider knowledge on the different types of tannning procedures and which ones are the best and safest to use.

Don’t forget to add regular massages to your well-being programme which will help to keep you on form and bring a sparkle to your skin.







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